Half-day hikes in Zdiar surroundings

1. Zdiar - Antosovsky pinnacle - ridge of Spisská Magura and back, 2h 15min, difference of elevation 275 m [902ft], easy
From the bus station Zdiar-Tatra take the main road backwards to the lower part of the village - to the bus station Zdiar-Gallery. There turn to the left through the houses along the river, upwards the green-marked path. Get to the other side of the river and go to the forest. At the first cluster of houses, turn left and mount to the area called Antosovsky pinnacle. Take the comfy cart lane below the mountain side, later along the clusters of pine trees without a path and then a little more abruptly up to the edge of the forest. Turn to the right and go along the edge to reach a yellow mark. Finally, follow the two - the red mark, as well as the yellow mark to the cross on the ridge of Spisská Magura (1h 15min). Return the same way.

2. Zdiar - Bachledova valley - ridge of Spisská Magura and back, 2 h 45 min, difference of elevation 275 m [902 ft], easy
Pursue the instructions of the hike no. 1 to the bus station Zdiar-Gallery. Go on downwards to the bus station Bachledova valley (30min).  Take a yellow-marked path to the left along the cross above the river. Keep on going along the river against its flow to the place where two rivers meet and where the part of the village -Bachledova dolina (valley) begins. Find a bridge over the river and turn to the left after the first house and take a path mildly upwards the riverbank to the end of the community. At the last houses, turn to the right and follow a steep narrow track up to tall coniferous forest. Cross the fields to the other edge of a forest. At first go through the forest to other fields, then abruptly upwards the straight unseen path to a forest. From the left you should see a green mark. Stick to the mark and go along the edge of the forest to the ridge of Spisská Magura and to the cross (1h 30min). Return back the same way.

3. Zdiar-Tatra - Ski Centre of Strednica, along the Hotel Magura
From the bus station Zdiar-Tatra go the asphalt road up to the Hotel Magura. Take a green mark and pass the pensions in Monková valley. You can have something to drink or to eat in the snack bar at Monkovy's. From here, keep to the forest path along the river until you find the starting point of the hike of the nature trail. Go on the green-marked path to the right and cross the river that you'll have on your left, then.
Reach the place called "Vtácie turne" [Bird towers] where giant rocks shoot up on our right side. Abandon the forest path just behind them and go up the narrow lane reaching the forest from the right side and retreat from the river. The final part of the steep climb shows you straight to the ski tows in the ski centre from where by mild ascent through the meadow you come to the bus station Zdiar-Strednica. Here you can refresh yourself in Bufet pod Vidlou (The Snack Bar Below Vidla). You will now have a perfect panoramatic view of the whole Belianske Tatras.
    You can go even further by crossing the main road and climbing onto the meadow a bit higher to have the whole village in front of your very eyes. To return back, turn to the upper part of the village from Strednica and follow the road downwards the village to the starting point or go the main road straight downwards.