Take a walk in Zdiar

1. The small circuit around the village, 45 min.
Start from the bus station Zdiar-Vidla and go straight the main road approximately 150m [500ft]. Then turn right and take a path to the Church. There turn to the right again and walk through the build-up area and then down passing the pub "Goral" along the municipal office to the place where the road in the village crosses the main road. By turning to the right you'll come back to the starting point of your walk.

2. The big circuit, 1,30 hod.
Follow the instructions of the first walk to the petrol station. Then continue up the road that rises mildly and you'll find yourself at the other bus station "Zdiar-Odbocka do obce".   Turn to the village and descend to the road in the village. If you turn to the right, you will find the Tourist Information agency and you can see an exhibition of paintings in local Gallery or find out any other information about the village there.
Follow the way down to the centre of the village to the Church and to the shops with souvenirs or grocery stores. Return back to the bus station Zdiar-Tatra the same way as in the first walk.

3. Zdiar - Hotel Magura and back, 45 min.
From the starting point - the bus station Zdiar-Tatra turn abruptly to the left along the building that once used to be a convalescent home Tatra. Follow the path along the left bank of the river Belá up to a large meadow and to the Hotel Magura (20-25min). You may come back the same way.

4. Zdiar - Magurka and back, 1h 15 min, difference of elevation 318 m (1.044 ft)
From the bus station Zdiar-Tatra turn to the right and go the red-marked path abruptly upwards the road in the village. You'll reach the Filipsky pinnacle (1,017 m [3,337 ft]), passing it from the left side. Then continue to the shabby haylofts and through the trees at the edge of the forest, then turn left and soon you'll find a blue mark on the ridge of Spisská Magura. Follow both the red mark and the blue mark approximately 400 m [1,300 ft] below Magura (1,198 m [3,930 ft]) where the red-marked path starts to descent the northern side of Magura (45min). Return the same way.